Effective use of design can enable complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. How might you leverage creativity to unlock problems, discover opportunities or enable innovation in your organisation? leapSTONE enables:

1. Design leadership & strategy

Leading design in an organisation rarely ‘just happens’. Strategy setting is key to unlocking how design will drive the organisation forward. leapSTONE provides a unique type of leadership and approach. Depending on requirements leapSTONE can work with senior leaders to appoint a design team structure through to assessing the correct design discipline for the brief.

2. Experience & transformation design

leapSTONE embraces and espouses the latest thinking on how to use design to create better end-to-end experiences. leapSTONE co-creates design processes involving the organisation from the outset and so enhancing the chances of inspiring real transformation.

3. Design & creative management

Design and creative projects excel when they are managed by a professional who is knowledgeable about the needs of both the external agency team and the client. leapSTONE has that very experience. Effective design & creative management allows a project to excel by marrying clients’ complex requirements with purposefully selected creative ideas from design teams.

About leapSTONE

leapSTONE is a UK-based boutique firm founded by internationally-recognised design leader Neal Stone. leapSTONE specialises in design leadership & strategy; experience & transformation design; and design & creative management.

Since 2009 leapSTONE has been working with organisations across charitable, public and commercial sectors. Clients include LOCOG, Thames & Hudson, Warwickshire and Harrow Councils, UK Department for Transport, Car Design Research, UK Design Council, Hurley Medical Group, InterContinental Hotels Group Plc., and WWF-UK.

Neal personally oversees all work and where required will collaborate with a small team of exceptional hand-picked associates. Using advanced applied design thinking we help clients find brilliant creative solutions to unlock problems, discover opportunities or enable innovation.